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Jason M. Davis Physics 203 March 14, 2008 Paper Topic A Man Far Ahead of His Time “Galileo Galilei” Discovery: Which regard to Physics, Galileo’s most prolific discovery was formulating the basic law of falling bodies. This simple observation overturned nearly 2,000 years of Aristotelian belief. Moreover, he proposed the changing of the tides in relation to the motion of the earth and moon, observed equal time intervals of the successive back and forth movement of a pendulum, and described various ways to calculate the speed of light. He wasn’t only a physicist; however, he also made great contributions to our knowledge of Astrological bodies. Constructing one of the first telescopes, Galileo studied lunar craters, and went on to discover the four moons revolving around Jupiter (Io, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede) aiding the Copernican cause. He also used his telescope to perform fundamental observations, experiments, and mathematical analysis leading to the discovery of mountains and craters on the moon among other discoveries and observations. Significance:
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Paper Topic example (10%) - Jason M Davis Physics 203 Paper...

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