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Discovery of water on Mars Main article: Water on Mars On December 6, 2006 NASA released photos of two craters called Terra Sirenum and Centauri Montes which appear to show the presence of water on Mars at some point between 1999 and 2001. The pictures were produced by the Mars Global Surveyor and are quite possibly the spacecraft's final contribution to our knowledge of Mars and the question of whether life or water exists on the planet. [9] [10] [ edit ] Mission timeline November 7, 1996: Launch from Cape Canaveral . September 11 , 1997: Arrival at Mars, began orbit insertion. April 1, 1999: Primary mapping phase began. February 1, 2001: First extended mission phase began. February 1, 2002: Second extended mission phase began. January 1, 2003: Relay mission began. March 30, 2004: Surveyor photographed the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit along with its wheel tracks showing its first 85 sols of travel. December 1, 2004: Science and Support mission began.
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Unformatted text preview: • April, 2005: MGS became the first spacecraft to photograph another spacecraft in orbit around a planet other than Earth when it captured two images of the Mars Odyssey spacecraft and one image of the Mars Express spacecraft. [11] • October 1, 2006: Extended mission phase began for another two years. [12] • November 2, 2006: Spacecraft suffers an error while attempting to reorient a solar panel and communication was lost. • November 5: Weak signals were detected, indicating the spacecraft was awaiting instructions. The signal cut out later that day. [13] • November 21: NASA announces the spacecraft has likely finished its operating career. • December 6, 2006: NASA releases imagery taken by MGS of a newly found gully deposit, suggesting that water still flows on Mars. • April 13, 2007: NASA releases its Preliminary Report on the cause(s) of MGS' loss of contact. (See External Links for document)...
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