psych test 2 - 1. Heterosexism is the denigration and...

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1. Heterosexism is the denigration and stigmatization of any behavior, person, or relationship that is not heterosexual. 2. Prejudice is negative attitudes toward others based on differences. Discrimination is behavior that denies individuals or groups equality of treatment. Prejudice refers to attitudes and discrimination refers to behaviors. 3. Three suggestions for reducing homophobia are 1) Support, normalize and validate a person’s feelings about his/her sexuality 2) Challenge homophobia 3) Provide role models. 4. Two family strengths of gay and lesbian couples are psychologically perceptive and effective communication skills. 5. Three considerations for determining marital readiness are 1) maturity level of the couple, 2) motives for getting married, and 3) age at the time of marriage. 6. I believe that opposites attract to a certain extent. Similarities for smoother relationships in the link provided stated that these should exist for a smoother relationship. Highly important core beliefs and values regarding ethics, morals, religion, spiritual, cultural and political issues should be present. Contents and style of life. Desire and need for affection and togetherness. Parenting and discipline. Standards of cleanliness and order. Beliefs regarding division of labor and responsibilities. Level of need and desire for social activities, amount of
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psych test 2 - 1. Heterosexism is the denigration and...

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