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content reinforcement psych 1 - 1 The Chinese proverb about...

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1) The Chinese proverb about families that was shared the first day of class was, “No family can hang out the sign, ‘Nothing the matter here’.” This means that every family has its’ own issues and you cannot deny it. 2) The first three traits of a healthy family in Dolores Curran’s research are 1) Communicates and listens, 2) Affirms and supports one another, and 3) Teaches respect for others. 3) Two central elements of culture are beliefs and values. 4) Three strengths of African American families are 1) Strong religious orientation, 2) Strong kinship bonds, and 3) Strong work orientation. 5) The definition of sex is the biological distinction between being female and male. Gender is the social and psychological behaviors that women and men are expected to display in society. 6) Three agents of gender role socialization are 1) Body image, 2) Life expectancy and 3) Income. 7) Three processes of parental socialization are 1) Manipulation, 2) Channeling, and 3) Verbal appellation. 8) One example in my life of gender role socialization is because my family is Russian, they have certain ideas about what women and men are supposed to do. They think that women are supposed to help the men with work in addition to cooking, cleaning, and taking care of your husband. Since I was born here, I still have those values in my head, but I don’t agree with them. I think that you either be a stay at home mom (housewife) or you go out and work because doing both is very exhausting and doesn’t seem like a healthy lifestyle to me. Everyone needs time for themselves and if you’re busy taking care of everyone and everything else, what’s left for you? 9) One thing I would do differently in teaching a child what it means to be male or female is
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content reinforcement psych 1 - 1 The Chinese proverb about...

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