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Oral Presentation Guidelines 501

Oral Presentation Guidelines 501 - ORAL PRESENTATION...

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O RAL P RESENTATION G UIDELINES Dr. Teeanna Rizkallah BUAD 501 Purpose Extemporaneous speaking is a must in business, especially at the managerial level. You need to hone your oral presentation skills to succeed on the job and in your other business classes. Student Outcomes All students will deliver a 10-minute (±2) individual business presentation as described below, or lead the class in a case discussion (see document “Moderator Guidelines” for details). All oral presentations will be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation : a) Example cases that illustrate key themes in the chapters in O’Rourke (our textbook) b) Chapter summaries from O'Rourke (book supplied by instructor) c) Current issues (as needed—these presentations serve to spotlight a burning contemporary business issue—presenter may choose topic) Guidelines for PowerPoint Users/Presenters If you're new to it, keep the PowerPoint simple, well organized, and clear.
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