ARTICLES - Articles Article usage is one of the most...

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Articles Article usage is one of the most difficult aspects of English grammar for non-native speakers to master. The reason for this is that article usage rules are complex and depend on information that cannot be found in the sentence itself, but the in the discourse context. . The purpose of this workshop is to help you understand both the grammatical rules for article usage and the discourse circumstances that determine article choice. General rules of article usage: For indefinite articles (a and an): Use the indefinite article a before singular nouns that begin with a consonant sound: a house, a store, a park, etc. Use the indefinite article an before nouns that begin with a vowel sound: an hour, an umbrella, an island, etc. * The adjective some can also function as an indefinite noun marker with plural and noncount nouns: some people, some places, some mail, some water, etc. For the definite article (the): Use the definite article the when both speaker and audience know the specific thing(s) referred to: the sun, the universe, the party last night. Both speaker and audience may know the item(s) for one or more of the following reasons -- 1. The noun has been previously mentioned. (Notice in this situation that the first use of a general noun will use the indefinite article; subsequent use will use the definite article): A horse grazed in the open field. When I saw the horse , I remembered Old Cherokee. 2. A phrase or clause following the noun restricts its identity: The party last night was fun. 3. A superlative such as best or most intelligent makes the noun's identity specific: The best song of the year is Eric Clapton's acoustic version of "Layla." 4. The noun describes a unique person, place, or thing: The sun is bright today.
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5. The context or situation makes the noun's identity clear: Please close the door . Important points to remember: 1. A countable singular noun never stands alone. It always takes a determiner (that is, an article) before it: I bought a bicycle. Never: I bought bicycle. 2. Countable plural nouns are never used with a or an , except with expressions like a lot of or a few . 3.
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ARTICLES - Articles Article usage is one of the most...

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