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Midterm 2 Notes - Midterm 2 Notes I. 4.2 Atoms and...

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Midterm 2 Notes I. 4.2 Atoms and Radiation A. When light interacts with matter on very small scales, it does so not in a continuous way, but in a discontinuous manner B. Atoms – microscopic building blocks from which all matter is constructed 1. If absorbs some energy in the form of radiation must cause some internal change 2. If emits energy that energy must come from somewhere within 3. Associated with changes in the motion of the orbiting electron C. Nucleus – dense, central region of an atom, containing both protons and neutrons, and orbited by one or more electrons D. Niels Bohr – first theory of the atom to provide an explanation of hydrogen’s observed spectral lines 1. Bohr model a) Ground state – lowest energy; normal condition of the electron as it orbits the nucleus b) Ionized – maximum energy; electron can have and still be part of the atom; acquires more than that maximum energy; no longer bound to the nucleus c) Ions – atom missing one or more of its electrons d) Orbitals – electron can exist only in certain sharply defined energy states e) Each electron orbital was pictured as having a specific radius E. Atomic realm – discontinuous is the norm F. Quantization – the fact that light and matter on small scales behave in a discontinuous manner, and manifest themselves in the form of tiny packets of energy, called quanta G. Quantum mechanics – branch of physics governing the behavior of atoms and subatomic particles, are far removed from everyday experience H. Atoms do not always remain in their ground state
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Midterm 2 Notes - Midterm 2 Notes I. 4.2 Atoms and...

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