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Study Guide Short

Study Guide Short - documentary Essays 1 During the course...

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1 Identifications 1. The Marketing of Mao (from Ogden) 2. Mao China’s “Red Capitalists” (from Ogden) 3. National Minorities in China (from Ogden) 4. China’s “conservative” middle class (from Ogden) 5. Education in China (from Ogden) 6. The “Rise” of China (from Ogden) 7. Compare and contrast the young people who are the “stars” of “ Up the Yangtze 8. Working conditions in Chinese factories (from China Blue ) 9. Jiang Qing and her importance for Chinese politics 10. The main points of the documentary “ Chronicle of My Cultural Revolution 11. Sue Williams, who made the documentary “ Young and Restless in China ,” notes that she was struck by how little interaction most Chinese have with the government these days, how little people’s lives connect with the state. How is this communicated by the young people who appear in her
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Unformatted text preview: documentary? Essays 1. During the course of this term we have seen a number of documentaries on life in China from 1949 to the present (see the list above). Is there a consistent picture provided in these films, or are there sharp disagreements? Construct an essay in which you analyze the history of China from 1949 to the present using these documentaries as your source. How consistent is the picture you’ve presented with material from the readings and lectures? 2. We have seen in a variety of sources the importance of the family in Chinese culture. Using at least three different sources from our materials this semester, discuss the importance of the Chinese family. Does this change over time?...
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