Chroncile of My Cultural Revolution (10)

Chroncile of My Cultural Revolution (10) - 10....

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10. “Chronicle of My Cultural Revolution” Xu Xing’s weapon of resistance, he said yesterday, is his memory. Chinese documentary filmmaker and writer Xing spoke at a screening here yesterday of his film “A Chronicle of My Cultural Revolution,” which details personal childhood horrors he and his generation experienced during Mao Tse-Tung’s Cultural Revolution during the 1960s and 1970s. In an event jointly sponsored by Harvard’s Fairbank Center for East Asian Research and the New England China Seminar, Xing juxtaposed the brutality he witnessed with the history perpetuated by the Chinese government, which Xing said has been sanitized. Xing said that the Chinese government has intentionally tried to distort information about the Cultural Revolution and that through his film, he hopes to provide the next generation with accurate information about that period in history. “The cruelties I experienced and heard remain in my memory,” Xing said in an interview through an interpreter. In one particularly graphic scene, a woman describes finding her headmaster disemboweled and
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Chroncile of My Cultural Revolution (10) - 10....

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