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Astronomy 100: The Universe Fall 2008, N. Katz Review for the 3rd midterm exam DISCLAIMER: The purpose of these notes is to assist you in the preparation of the third midterm exam. The finger is pointed to the most essential material. However, these notes alone cannot list all essential material. Also, while most of the test questions will be based on the material of the textbook, I cannot guarantee that there will not be an occasional one that refers to material learned in class. This word of caution applies especially to the sections marked in the syllabus with “make notes”. Finally, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the sample exams available on blackboard as well as the multiple-choice problems in the study guide section of mastering astronomy! The third Midterm will cover chapters 8 (the material on Mercury) through 21, inclusive. It will include details of the planets Mercury to Pluto, as well as the small stuff in the solar system (asteroids, comets and meteoroids). Most importantly, Midterm 3 is about stars.
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