BEECHER-tilton trial--background material

BEECHER-tilton trial--background material - BEECHER-TILTON...

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BEECHER-TILTON TRIAL 1847—Beecher came to Plymouth congregation in Brooklyn 1855—married Tilton and Elizabeth Both Tilton and Beecher were abolitionists Tilton and Elizabeth had 6 children; 4 lived Beecher had nine children; 5 lived He was 20 years older than both Tilton and Elizabeth; his wife was a shrew. Elizabeth, very emotional, was also very spiritual and mystical. Religious men were very attracted to her. Both Theodore Tilton and henry Ward Beecher were very charismatic. Late 1860s Eliz. Tilton and Henry Ward Beecher became intimate friends. The Tiltons write hundreds of leters to each other trying to make sense of their lives, their marriage, and their friendship with Beecher. In 1870 Eliz. Tilton told her husband that she had gone to far in knowing Beecher. After a harrowing series of encounters between them, Beecher and the Tiltons agree not to make their private relations public. From 1870 to 1873 they make no public statements about their relationship.
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BEECHER-tilton trial--background material - BEECHER-TILTON...

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