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Oneida and John Humphrey Noyes

Oneida and John Humphrey Noyes - “Outsiders might...

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Oneida and John Humphrey Noyes—founded in 1848 Noyes a perfectionist, who believed that the millennium had already occurred. Grew up in Putney, Vermont. Decided that childbirth had been too difficult for his wife. Ideas of “free love,” plural marriage, and of taking care that women had sexual pleasure in marriage. Moved the community to Oneida, New York, not far from Syracuse, when faced growing negative reaction in Vermont. Practiced Karezza, technique of coitus interruptus Grew up in Putney, Vermont. Attended Yale Divinity School. 1866: 6,000 names registered in the visitors’ register According to its most recent historian:
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Unformatted text preview: “Outsiders might disapprove of free love, but it was hard to think badly of people who were so straitlaced, so generous, and so successful in business.” Utica, New York Observer, 1873: No finer example of quiet industry and inflexible honesty can be found. Its cash business cannot fall far short of a million dollars yearly. AIts members use neither tobacco nor strong drink, are models of good order, tenderly care for each other, and threat the world outside with uniform courtesy and respect. The community disbands in 1879, when a local minister charges that Noyes is violating the Comstock Laws....
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