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Check Figures for P. 4-22

Check Figures for P. 4-22 - BUS 121 Managerial Accounting...

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BUS 121 Managerial Accounting Homework Assignment – Chapter 4 Selected Check Figures Problem 4-22 In 1. Equivalent Units of Production Section: Equivalent Units in Ending WIP - Material 56,000 Equivalent Units Total - Conversion 510,000 In 2. Cost per Equivalent Unit Section: Cost per Equivalent Unit - Materials $0.90 per EU In 3. Costs of Ending WIP and Units Transferred Out Section: Cost of Ending WIP - Conversion $ 19,600 Total of Costs Transferred Out $ 795,000 In 4. Cost Reconciliation Section: Total Cost from Beginning WIP Inventory: $ 40,000 Total Cost Accounted For: $ 865,000 Question 1: Score 8.07/15
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Your response Problem 4-22 (Appendix 4A) Equivalent Units; Applying Costs–FIFO Method [LO5, LO6, LO7] Reutter Company manufactures a single product and uses process costing. The company's product goes through two processing departments, Etching and Wiring. The following activity was recorded in the Etching Department during July: Production data: Units in process, July 1: materials 60% complete, conversion 30% complete 60,000 Units started into production 510,000
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