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CS413 Computer Networks ASN 2 Solutions 1 Solutions to ASN 2 1.3 Explain how the telephone network might modify the way calls are handled to provide the following services: [8 marks – 2 marks for each part] Solutions follow questions: a. Call Display: the number and/or name of the calling party is listed on a screen before the call is answered. Along with the request for connection setup, the system sends identifying information regarding the originator's phone. b. Call Waiting: a special sound is heard when the called party is on the line and another user is trying to reach the called party. When a second caller tries to access a busy line, the system applies an audible sound, for example, a "beep" or a tone, to the voice signal that is being sent to the called party. The tone alerts the called party that there is an incoming call and provides the choice of answering the second call without disconnecting the first call. c. Call Answer: if the called party is busy or after the phone rings a prescribed number of times, the network gives the caller the option of leaving a voice message. If the call is not answered after so many rings, the system establishes a connection to another number (that is, forwards the call) that is associated with the answering system. The call is then automatically answered by an answering system. d. Three-Way-Calling: allows a user to talk with two other people at the same time. After the establishment of a call between two parties, the caller can then indicate to the telephone system that he or she wants to call a third party. Without disconnecting the first pair, the system sets up a connection to the second called party, and once established, transmits both conversations to all parties simultaneously. Special equipment is required to combine and distribute the voice signals of the three parties.
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CS413 Computer Networks ASN 2 Solutions 2 1.5 Suppose that network addresses are scarce, so addresses are assigned so that they are not
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asn2-solution - CS413 Computer Networks ASN 2 Solutions...

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