Unit 5 - Unit 5 1. What are some of the individual...

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Unit 5 1. What are some of the individual adjustment problems older people often face during their first year of retirement? In Kelly Greene’s article, “How to Survive the First Year,” she gives tips and lessons on the first year of retirement. The first section of the article, Be Choosy with Your Time, describes how retirees can be victimized by time poachers who volunteer them for tasks they might not necessarily want to do but may feel guilty for turning it down. A lot of retirees feel that they should keep on working after retirement, which is good, but can often regret doing so. Taking time for yourself can change your outlook on what to do with all your free time. It is good to unwind and do things that you never had time to do during the first couple of months of retirement. It is also good to try new things and challenge yourself, but not get too stressed about it. After retiring, and you have a partner, there are chances that you will be spending a lot more time together under one roof, and this could lead to some conflict between each other. It is important to set some ground rules towards each other. 2. Upon arriving at retirement age, why do some workers choose to continue to work either full-time or part-time? Some workers continue to work either full-time or part-time jobs because workers may not yet fully grasp their own increasing role in retirement planning or the implications. According to Paul Magnusson’s article, “Color Me Confident,” 68 percent of workers said they’ve save some money for retirement, but the other 31 percent have not saved a dime. The most common reasons for not saving any money were “not enough income” and “high everyday expenses.” Thirty percent also said that a lack of financial discipline was a contributing factor. 45 percent of working households are “at risk” of being unable to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living. However when it comes to specifics like pensions, health care and debt,
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Unit 5 - Unit 5 1. What are some of the individual...

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