KeyQuiz2 - Early World History Spring 2009 Key Quiz Two92...

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Early World History – Spring 2009 – Key Quiz Two92 possible points92 = 100 Section #1: Please choose the most appropriate, best, answer from the choices provided (2 points each). 1. Minoan civilization was located on a. the island of Crete b. the Peloponnesus c. the Cycladic islands d. the island of Cyprus 2. All of the following are true of the Mycenaeans except that a. they spoke Greek b. they came from Crete c. they were warriors d. they became wealthy and powerful 3. The hoplites were a. professional athletes b. rowers in the navy c. actors d. part-time soldiers 4. Early on, Spartan political and military development was influenced by a. the example of Athens b. the conquest of their neighbors c. attacks by Persians d. the Spartan taste for luxury 5. Macedon first became the leading power in Greece under a. Alexander b. the Antigonids c. Diogenes d. Philip II 6. Which of the following was part of Spartan life? a. Boys were taken away from their mothers for military training b. young married women did not live with their husbands c. the helots were unfree servants of the Spartan state d. vigorous physical exercise for girls was encourages, in hopes that they would bear strong children e. all of the above 7. All the following are true of Greek religion except a. there were many Gods b. all ceremonies took place inside temples c. oracles played an important religious role d. the oracle of Delphi had great influence 8. Classical Greek culture emphasized a. public, political life b. nonpolitical thought c. the alienation of poets d. private life 9. Herodotus wrote about a. the Persian Wars, as well as other wide-ranging topics b. the Peloponnesian War c. scientific subjects d. medicine 10. How democratic was the Athenian democracy? Choose the best description a. citizenship was open to all residents
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KeyQuiz2 - Early World History Spring 2009 Key Quiz Two92...

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