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KEYQuizOne - Spring 2009 Early World History Online Angela...

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Spring 2009 Early World History: Online: Angela Feres Take Home Quiz One: Key A. 1. By scholarly convention, prehistory refers to the period a.before the emergence of cities b. before modern humans were born c. before the invention of writing d. before Homo Sapiens appeared e. none of the above 2. Cro-Magnon people were 3. The term Neolithic era refers to 4. Three Neolithic industries that illustrate the greatest potential of specialized labor include 5. In Hammurabi’s code you would be UNLIKELY to find a. laws with punishments that differ according to social class b. laws that prescribe the death penalty c. laws that indicate a suspect is innocent until proven guilty d. laws regulating commercial transactions, wages, and prices e. laws relying on the principle of retaliation 6. The key elements in the expansion of the Indo-Europeans from their homeland was 7. The Phoenicians
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8. Unification of Egyptian rule came about through the conqueror 9. Around 5000 bce the climate in northern Africa began to change by getting a. colder and wetter b. colder and drier c. hotter and wetter d. hotter and drier e. rainier 10. Most of the Egyptian pyramids were 11. Sargon of Akkad 12. According to your book , a distinctive feature of Egyptian religion was
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