Lecture_11 - Todays Lecture Energy Enthalpy and...

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1 Energy, Enthalpy, and Thermochemistry Today’s Lecture 9.1 The Nature of Energy 9.2 Enthalpy 1 Some Terminology ± thermodynamics: the study of energy and its interconversions ± thermochemistry: the study and measurement of heat evolved or absorbed during chemical reactions ± energy: capacity to do work or produce heat ± kinetic energy: energy due to the motion of an object (KE = ½mu 2 ) 2 (KE ½mu ) ± potential energy: energy due to position or composition; it is an energy associated with forces of attraction or repulsion between objects
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2 More Terminology ± law of conservation of energy (often called the first law of thermodynamics ): ± energy can be converted from one form to another, but it can be neither created nor destroyed (i.e. the energy of the universe is constant) ± definitions: ± temperature: reflects the random motion of particles in a particular substance 3 ± note that there are two ways to transfer energy: through heat and through work ± heat: energy transferred between two objects due to a temperature difference ± work: force acting over a distance The State Function ± the state function is a property of a system that depends only on its present state (i.e. it is path independent) Some state functions Path dependent properties internal energy (E) temperature
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Lecture_11 - Todays Lecture Energy Enthalpy and...

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