H 312 Syllabus Summer 09

H 312 Syllabus Summer 09 - Public Health H312 Section 400...

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Public Health H312 Section 400 AIDS and STIs in Modern Society Extended Campus Online Course OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Public Health 3 credits * Summer 2009 Instructor: Karen Elliott, PhD Office: Waldo 322 Mailbox: 254 Waldo Hall Email: [email protected] Required Text: Champeau D.A., & Elliott, K. (2007). AIDS and STIs: A Global Perspective, Sixth Edition. Pearson Custom Publishing, San Francisco. This text can be ordered from the Oregon State University Bookstore. Information on how to order the text is on the OSU website (http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu/). Find the H 312 course and the text can be purchased from there. Course Description: A study of AIDS and STIs basic biology and pathology, how they interact with different populations, with an emphasis on social, legal, economic, and ethical implications on a global scale; and prevention, testing, and treatment. Course Objectives: 1. To recognize AIDS and STIs, what they are, what they do, and how they can be treated and prevented. 2. To understand how society, government, and economics affect AIDS and STIs on individual, local, regional, and global levels 3. To understand the history of infectious disease and epidemics, and how that history affects how HIV and ST's are dealt with today. 4. To learn the Public Health perspective, and empower students with knowledge they can use to dispel myths and misinformation that contributes to the spread of these diseases. 5. To recognize the roles of individual responsibility, lifestyle behaviors, public health policy, education and services in combating the global spread of disease. Contemporary Global Issues Requirements: The H312 class meets the Baccalaureate core requirements in the Synthesis, Contemporary Global Issues Area. To meet this requirement the course must: 1. Be upper division and at least 3 credits; 2. Emphasize elements of critical thinking; 3. Focus, from a historical perspective, on the origin and nature of critical issues and problems that have global significance; 4. Emphasize the interdependence of the global community; 5. Use a multidisciplinary approach and be suitable for students from diverse fields; and
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6. Include written composition. Our world has become increasingly interdependent. Social, economic, political,
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H 312 Syllabus Summer 09 - Public Health H312 Section 400...

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