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POINTS CRITERIA 8 - 10 Quality – The student’s postings are well developed (at least a full paragraph) and their answers provide clear evidence of critical thinking (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, or application.) Their questions or observations add greater depth to the discussion by introducing new ideas. Timeliness – The student’s initial posting to the question or topic assigned in the workshop activity is made by day 3 of the workshop. Their contributions are made while discussion threads are active and flowing. Interaction – The student responds to a minimum of two other students. The student is clearly collaborative by taking the initiative to respond to other student’s questions, providing clarification and insight on issues raised in the discussion. The student shows initiative in leading discussions. 6 – 8 Quality – The student’s postings show some development and in their answers some critical thinking is evident. Their questions and observations add to the discussion by expanding the ideas of others. Timeliness
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