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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Subject: Receive a compensation of $20 by participating in a research study! --====----====----====----====----====----====----====----====----====----===-- Wanted: 14 psychology students or faculty to participate in a study of e-mail software. The study is being conducted by student and faculty researchers in Computer Science at OSU. Qualifications needed: - You must be enrolled as a psychology major or hold a psychology degree - You may not have taken any computer science courses beyond CS 162 Experiment: The experiment will last up to two hours. Your task will be to examine a transcript of verbal data, each segment of which has been categorized by a computer program, and judge the accuracy of the computer's categorizations. You will be asked to explain your reasoning and provide information you believe the computer program could use to improve its accuracy.
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Recruiting -...

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