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Date Subject Learning Outcomes Assignment 9/29 Chapter 1 Counting the Beans: Good Financial Information Define the goals/role of accounting and financial mgmt in the firm. Outline GAAP: the rules of financial reporting. Identify different forms of business ownership. Describe the organizational structure of the firm. Purchase financial calculator & text book! 10/1 Chapter 2 Interrelationships of Financial Statements Comprehend financial accounting fundamentals. Describe Income Stmt, Balance Sheet, Analyze basic business transactions to determine effect on accounts and financial statements. Synthesize interrelationships between all financial statements. Excel Tutorial: OSU Library Reserve or torials.htm 10/6 10/8 Chapter 3 Balance Sheet Chapter 4 Income Statement Case: LJR Part 1 Comprehend & analyze classified Income Statement, Balance Interpret levels and trends in income statement & balance sheet accounts. Question Set 1 (self test): Acctg Review Problem Set 1: Income Stmt & Bal Sheet Due 10/15 10/13 10/15 10/20 Chapter 5 Profit vs. Cash Flow Chapter 6 Cash Flow Statement Case: LJR Part 1 Conceptualize cash flow cycle. Contrast and compare cash vs. accrual basis accounting methods.
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This note was uploaded on 06/28/2009 for the course BA 215 taught by Professor Bourne during the Summer '09 term at Oregon State.

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BA215 ScheduleF08.doc - BA215 - COURSE OUTLINE &...

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