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Syllabus101_001 F08

Syllabus101_001 F08 - Art 101 Introduction to the Visual...

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Art 101 Introduction to the Visual Arts - Fall 2008 Gilfillan Auditorium T-Th., 12:00 to 1:20 pm CRN 10111 Section 001 4 credits websites: http://wps.prenhall.com/hss_sayre_worldart_5 Professor John Maul [email protected] Office: Fairbanks Hall 105 737-5013 Office Hours: Monday 2:00 to 4:00 pm; Tuesday 9:30 to 11:00 am; or by appointment Required text: A World of Art , 5th edition, by Henry M. Sayre Course lectures and assigned readings from A World of Art Reading: Week 1 pages 1-55 9/30 lecture: The Function of Art in a Visual World (Course Introduction) 10/2 lecture: Words and Images Week 2 pages 56-94 10/7 lecture The Value of Art 10/9 lecture The Definitive Line Week 3 pages 95-152 10/14 lecture The Artist Using Space and Light 10/16 lecture Color, Texture and Pattern Week 4 pages 152-189 10/21 lecture Time and Motion 10/23 lecture The Principles of Design Week 5 pages 190-272 10/28 lecture Drawing and Printmaking 10/30 lecture Painting Week 6 for Thursday—pages 273-284 11/4 Midterm (no office hours) 11/6 lecture The Camera Arts Week 7 pages 285-333 11/11 lecture The Camera Arts (Part 2) 11/13 lecture Sculpture and Earthworks 11/14 Last day for course withdrawal or changes to/from S/U grading. Week 8 pages 334-394 11/18 lecture Other Three-Dimensional Media, Assemblage and Performance 11/20 lecture Architecture Week 9 pages 395-419 11/25 lecture Design and the Arts and Crafts Movement 11/27 lecture Thanksgiving Break Week 10 pages 486-529 12/2 lecture The Twentieth Century 12/4 lecture What’s New- Final Exam : Friday, December 12, Gilfillan Auditorium 9:30 am.
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page 2 Art 101 Learning Objectives “Faculty often complain that students have no regard for the gifts of insight and understanding that are the true payoff of education, they care only about short- term outcomes in the "real" world: "Will this major get me a job?" "How will this assignment be useful in 'real' I life? But those are not the questions deep in our students' hearts. They are merely the questions they have been taught to ask, not only by tuition-paying parents who want their children to be employable but also by an academic culture that distrusts and devalues inner reality. Of course our students are cynical about the inner outcomes of education: we teach them that the subjective self is unvalued and even unreal. Their cynicism simply proves that when academic culture dismisses inner truth and honors only the external world, students as well as teachers lose heart.” Parker Palmer,
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Syllabus101_001 F08 - Art 101 Introduction to the Visual...

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