H312 S09 Syllabus - final

H312 S09 Syllabus - final - H312-002 AIDS and STIs in...

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H312-002 AIDS and STIs in Modern Society: A Global Perspective Quarter: Spring 2009 CRN : 51678 Class Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday Time : 12:00 – 12:50 p.m. Location: Weniger Hall 149 Instructor: Josiah J. Roldan, MPH Office: STAG 223 Office Phone: 541.737.5565 Office hours: Mondays 10:30 - 12:00, Wednesdays 10:30–12:00 or by appointment Email: roldanj@onid.orst.edu - when communicating by email, please write in the subject line “H312”. Please allow 48 hours for a response. WELCOME!  H312 will cover both exciting and sensitive material.  At times the issues discussed in class and read outside  of class will be controversial.  For this reason: Please keep an open mind. Respect each other in a manner that creates a positive learning environment for all. Please make your attitudes, behaviors, and language as positive as possible. Please refrain from all  offensive and discriminatory language in this classroom. WARNING:  At times you will be exposed to graphic pictures. Although you need not look at these  pictures, viewing and understanding them can enhance the learning process. Objectives: Develop an appreciation for the multidimensional aspects of HIV/AIDS and other STIs, and the importance of an ecological approach in the formulation of public health policy both in the United States and internationally. Demonstrate knowledge of the epidemiology, etiology, prevention methods, and treatment of HIV and other STIs. Demonstrate an awareness of the historical precedents and global implications of HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Develop an understanding of the social, cultural, psychological, legal, economic, and ethical issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Develop an appreciation for the role of individual responsibility, economic forces, lifestyle behaviors, public health policy, education, and services in combating the global spread of disease. Contemporary Global Issues Requirement: The H312 course meets the Baccalaureate core requirement in the Synthesis, Contemporary Global Issues area. To meet this requirement, the course must be upper division, at least three credits and must— Emphasize elements of critical thinking; Focus, from a historical perspective, on the origin and nature of critical issues and problems that have global significance; Emphasize the interdependence of the global community; Use a multidisciplinary approach and be suitable for students from diverse fields; and
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H312 S09 Syllabus - final - H312-002 AIDS and STIs in...

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