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Lecture08 - Wednesday April 15 Have you finished your taxes...

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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday, April 15 Have you finished your taxes? Project #2 The IRS expects to hear from you today Due date changed to Sunday, April 26 Quiz #1 Friday in class Today's topic Ian's Project #2 Seminar Review for Quiz #2 Quiz #1 Friday 30 minutes, 15 questions Coverage: Mostly short answer No coding Lectures 1 7 Chapters 1 5 Homework #1 Calculator and one 4x6 notecard permitted Project #1 Solutions are posted No sharing Virtual machine (general) Version control systems (general) Operating systems Quiz Topics Processes Views & Definitions (general) Responsibilities Definitions Instruction Execution Cycle I/Obound, CPUbound States Context information Process management Quiz Topics Process Scheduling (general) Concurrency & Multiplexing (general) Creation, termination, etc. Process Control Blocks Scheduling criteria Scheduling queues Context switching Gantt charts Algorithm metrics Average wait time, average turnaround time, etc. Scheduling Algorithms Quiz Topics Scheduling Enhancements FCFS, SJF, SRTF, Priority, RoundRobin Preemptive, nonpreemptive Multilevel feedback queues Calculating burst times dynamically Multiprocessing (general) Linux "constanttime" scheduler Symmetric, asymmetric Exponential averaging ...
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