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Unformatted text preview: ged CLOOK request queue: Updated request queue: 15205,16000,(2,3,4) suppose previous request was block #15000 new requests: 14398, 18655, 13587, 15206 (15205,15206),16000,18655,(2,3,4),13587,14398 *assumes that no requests were dispatched SSTF Sorts the request queue prioritized by smallest distance from the current head position. Example: (suppose previous request was block #15000): Requests in order received SSTF request queue 2, 16000, 4, 15205, 3 After merging: 15205, 16000, 4, 3, 2 15205, 16000, (2,3,4) SSTF More requests might arrive before the queue is emptied Merged SSTF request queue: i.e., the request queue is dynamic Updated request queue*: 15205, 16000, (2,3,4) new requests: 14398, 18655, 13587, 15206 (15205,15206),16000,14398,13587,18655,(2,3,4) *assumes that no...
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