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CS411 Spring 2009 Team: Graded by Project #1 Possible Points Comments 3 5 proj01 I/O scheduler Source code file shows changes 6 Add a header block containing your team nameand the names of your team members. 6 Change the names of the noop scheduler functions to begin with proj01 (instead of noop). Similarly, change the name of the elevator-type function. 6 Change the elevator-name field to your team's name (e.g., team07). 6 Change the fields of the author and description macros appropriately. 6 proj01 I/O scheduler actually works 10 Typescript shows compilation and insertion of the
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Unformatted text preview: new module 6 sys_teamxx system call Patch file showing changes from the kernel to your branch 5 compiled kernel image vmlinuz-my_syscall-teamxx 5 Test program for syscall 10 Typescript from running test program 5 Syscall identifies itself 6 Syscall returns system time. 6 Changelog from repository Shows commit by each member 4 Extras? Total Possible / Achieved 95 Due 5 April 2009 gzipped file correctly submitted Repository set up...
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