proj01 - CS411 Operating Systems II Project#1 Due on Sunday...

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Page 1 of 4 CS411 Operating Systems II Spring 2009 Project #1 Due on Sunday, April 5, before midnight Introduction: The projects for this course will involve modifications and additions to the linux kernel. For most students, this is unfamiliar and intimidating territory. The goal of this project is to introduce you to the structure of the linux operating system, the coding standards used in linux kernel coding, and the development environment you will use for all of the course projects. Part of this project involves modifications to the noop I/O scheduler. This is the simplest possible scheduler ( no fancy op erations); it services I/O requests as first-come first-served, i.e., as a simple queue. You will make changes to some of the code, but not to the actual algorithm or structures. In other words, the code modifications are intended to be as easy as they seem. Objectives: Learn how to 1. upgrade a linux kernel 2. use a virtual machine (VM) for testing kernel modifications 3. use a revision control system to manage changes by various group members 4. create/modify/insert a linux kernel module 5. create a new system call in the linux kernel Review your team’s development process Assignment: Note : The file references below are relative to the top of the linux source tree (i.e., the linux- directory). 1 Follow the VMWare Guide on the course wiki to connect to your team's virtual machine. 2 Follow the Subversion Guide on the course wiki to set up your team’s Subversion repository and initialize it with a stable copy of the linux kernel. For Spring 2009 , we will use version . Later versions will be available, but it is important that we use
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proj01 - CS411 Operating Systems II Project#1 Due on Sunday...

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