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CS411 Spring 2009 Team: Graded by Project #2 Possible Points Comments Preliminaries (9 pts) gzipped file submission, with all required files 2 Submitted schedule.c 1 Submitted schedule.h 1 Submitted Makefile 2 Compiles 3 Documentation (6 pts) Header block with team member names, program description, etc 2 Useful function headers 2 Useful comment outline 2 Verification (72 pts) Executes 10 Correctness Implements SRTF algorithm 20 Functions initschedule 2 killschedule 2 schedule 8 activate_task 2 deactivate_task 2 __activate_task
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Unformatted text preview: 2 sched_fork 4 wake_up_new_task 2 scheduler_tick 6 Bookeeping: nr_running 2 nr_switches Efficiency clean implementation 5 Testing shows functionalities 5 Requirements (4 pts) Each member of team commits to the repository at least once 4 Cites sources for borrowed code (0, but deduct up to 10 points for sources not cited) Coding Style (4 pts) Uses readable coding style 4 Extras Others? 95 Coding Score Due 11:59 pm, Sunday, April 26...
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