proj02 - CS411 Operating Systems II Project #2 Spring 2009...

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Page 1 of 3 CS411 Operating Systems II Spring 2009 Project #2 Due on Sunday, April 1 9 April 26 , before midnight Objectives: 1. understand the basics of the Linux Scheduler 2. understand how a scheduler operates 3. be able to user the Linux kernel's Linked List API 4. practice kernel coding skills Introduction: The CPU scheduler controls when processes are allowed to run and is the primary means by which the illusion of multitasking is maintained. In Linux, the CPU scheduler provides a way for the kernel to organize processes and control how and when they are allowed to execute within the CPU. This job is important to maintain fair usage of system resources amongst all running process, maintain interactivity, and ensure that critical processes are allowed access to the CPU in a timely fashion. The scheduler you write will not be run within the Linux kernel. Instead, a virtual machine has been provided for you to use in writing the scheduler. The virtual machine provides all the same API calls used by the kernel for scheduling. Unlike programming within the kernel, you can use standard C functions, as well as debug the assignment in an environment of your choice. All relevant kernel structures and macros have been provided for you, and you will not need any additional source code outside of the package we provide. This project utilizes a virtual machine because the current Linux scheduler is extremely complex. A realistic scheduler for the Linux kernel must be able to handle numerous types of process behaviors, multiprocessor support, and memory management. In order to make this project possible for
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proj02 - CS411 Operating Systems II Project #2 Spring 2009...

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