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CS411 Team: Graded by Project #3 Due before midnight Sunday, May 10 Points Points Possible Earned Comments Preliminaries (20 pts) Plan of Attack (due Sunday, May 3) 15 gzipped file submission 1 Submitted slob.c, patch file, vmlinuz.proj3.teamXX, changelog 4 Documentation (13 pts) Header block with team member names, program description, etc 2 Useful function headers (for functions changed) 4 README file (for task #6) 7 Verification (53 pts) Compiles
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Executes 5 Correctness Implements best-fit algorithm 30 Efficiency clean implementation 8 Testing shows functionalities 8 Requirements (4 pts) Each member of team commits to the repository at least once 4 Cites sources for borrowed code (0, but deduct up to 10 points for sources not cited) Coding Style (5 pts) Follows kernel coding style guidelines 5 Extras Others? 95 Coding Score...
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