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final review - chmod chown chgrp chkconfig service tar ps...

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Final Review CS312 Final Review -- things you should know for the test. Remember that the best resource for studying for the final will be  reviewing the homework assignments. There will be a few questions  not from the homework like before and any question from the midterm  is game on the final. - Understand the various runlevels of a Linux machine and what each  is used for; know how the Linux boot process works. - Bash basics: ie. changing directories, listing files,  copying/moving/removing files, redirecting output - Bash scripting such as covered in the homework - Commands you should know how to use (also study common  command line flags for each, ie. concentrate on flags covered in  lecture or in homework)grep, awk, cat, useradd, groupadd, usermod, 
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Unformatted text preview: chmod, chown, chgrp, chkconfig, service, tar, ps, rpm- Linux directory structure: what typically goes where- How to create and mount a filesystem- How to read and search man pages- ssh common usage and how to generate & use ssh keys- Basics of the RPM spec file, common macros used, architecture, tags, and how to get package information using the 'rpm' command (hint: check the man page)- What cron does, file format, how to manage crontabs- Syslog: how to safely rotate a log, what typical category and severity levels it has- Email: anything from the homework assignment- Httpd: Basics of the virtual host config file- Security: Basic attack vectors, database security, OS Security...
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final review - chmod chown chgrp chkconfig service tar ps...

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