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PH104_WI07_MT1_PR - This is a Practice Midterm The real...

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This is a Practice Midterm The real exam will have different questions and/or different answers. Here is how one would study using this exam. 1. Sit down with the exam in a quiet location, and give yourself 80 minutes to take the exam. 2. Treat this as a real exam until the solutions are posted. 3. Go through the exam a. Mark the questions you knew the answer to right away with a 3 b. Mark the questions that you figured out the answer to after a few minutes with a 2 c. Mark the questions that you could narrow down to 2 possible answers with a 1 d. Mark the questions you had no clue on with a 0 4. This numbering system should guide your studying now 5. You probably understand the concepts for those questions with a 3 or a 2 6. You should concentrate on those questions with a 1 or 0 7. This may take more time than you are accustomed to spending on studying for an exam, but your success rate will increase Questions Follow: 1. What is the composition of Jupiter and Saturn? 2. Why is the moon Triton considered to be a captured moon of Neptune? 3. What is the probability of large extinction event impact on the Earth? 4. When space probe Voyager 2 passed by Saturn, its speed increased (but not due to firing its engines). What must have happened? A. Saturn must have given a tiny bit of its energy to the space probe. B. Saturn must have captured an asteroid at precisely the moment that Voyager 2 passed by. C. Voyager 2 must have dipped through Saturn's atmosphere. D. Saturn's rotation must have sped up slightly.
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5. Which of the following represents a case in which you are not accelerating?
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