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Mt1 review - Review for test 1 1 Reading including Q pp,42 43 2 Grammar multiple choice or fill in the blanks 3 Listening 4)Writing a paragraph or

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Unformatted text preview: Review for test 1 1) Reading: including Q pp,42, 43 2) Grammar: multiple choice or fill in the blanks 3) Listening 4)Writing a paragraph or a dialogue. Practice kanji as much as you can! Review the verb conjugation(supplement pp 32, 33 and days of the month(textbook p 355 or supplement p42 The plain form is used for different grammatical elements to formulate certain expressions, such as Q experienceH N H (giving reasons)H H (hearsay)H N H talking about past Noun modifying clause C\ G M Can you write the followings in Japanese? Noun modifying clause A. (1) G g N C FW 4 @ g; @ x G g; ^ p @ E IC E NG\ ~ N R C M e (2) G W gC N F @ E 4@ g; @ x G Eg; ^ p IC NM R~\C N Gg W @ E 4@ g; @ ( G g; ^ p IC E v G W gC N F G W gC N F [email protected] 4g; @ ! @ @E G C G C (salmon) C \ G M (giving reasons) e ( can be used for asking for reasons. G C G C @ E 4@ g; @ x G Eg; ^ p IC Q B. Q:\ R N GC~N g M A: G\ C M Q:C~N N g G\ R M A:@ @4 g@ ;E T G^ g;E p I C Q:N N g G\C~ W R M g@ ;E C. H H N activitiesWN Ng\ ~ G C M R 4@ g; @ y GgE; ^ p @ E C I v U@ g X )e Q talking about past experience (not about something that took place recently or common ) Have you ever read Japanese magazine? Have you ever seen a shrine? D Listing representative activities NGMgRH \ ~ W C GW C N g F G C verbs of basic vocabulary: v v v v v U 4@ g @ ! @ g @ E; U 4@ g @ ! @ g @ E; U 4@ g @ ! @ g @ E; U 4@ g @ ! @ g @ E; U 4@ g @ ! @ g @ E; Have you ever climbed the mountain? Have you ever worn kimono? 4@ g; @ x G g; p @ E I C^E E Connecting adjectives and verbs: 1) Ms. Tanaka has long hair and skinny. 2) My mother is pretty and good at cooking.x I 2) My older brother is 20 years old and a student of Joto University. ...
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