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JPN3-particles-09[1] - Particles a e means of...

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Unformatted text preview: Particles: a e means of transportation location for action verb ~ ;c H I L I go to school by bus. U M ) I drink coffee at a coffee shop. (including e e e location for activities or events taking place ~ ; c H among , of Lw L I L U i> c H L N c H Mt. McKinley is the highest mountain in the US. e location for existence ;c H There is a book on the desk. e direction e L w L Ui >cH N cH Today, I am going to the restaurant to eat. e time ; c H What time do you get up? e purpose of going/coming ~; cH I L Lw I am going to Japan to study. e into ; c H Please put the shirt in the box. k p p' E e ; c H e involvement(with) indirect object t ' E direct object @ d z c H p p ' E I am going to write a letter to my mother ~ ; c H Do you have some money? ~ ;c H h H L Lw h H L I talked with Mr. Tanaka for two hours. e and ~ ; c H h H L L w Mr. Kim and Mr. Lee are Koreans. e subject ; c H Here's a telephone. e conjunction(but) I ~ ; c H h H L Lw I like fish, but I don't like meat. e topic e ~ ; c H h H L L w Mr. Tanaka swims once a week. e contrast e L w L U i > cH N cH I don't drink coffee, but I drink tea. e similarity ~ ; c H h H L L I have free time on Monday, and I also have free time on Tuesday. a list of representative ~ ; c H C L Lw I bought a pencil and a notebook. etc. J L ~ ; c H C L L I studied from 3:00 to 6:00. e stating a reason ~ ; c H C L L w I cleaned my room, so it's clean. ...
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