Week one - CONCLUSION The Patriot Act has led to heated...

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CONCLUSION: The Patriot Act has led to heated debate throughout our political system and society. It will continue as one part of the war on terrorism for the indefinite future. Do you believe that American citizens are more or less free since the Patriot Act was passed? I feel as an American that the Patriot Act has not changed the freedoms of American citizens. We can still go to work and make money to send on whatever we want. We can still fly to any part of the world for business or pleasure. We can send our children to school to get an education. I feel as Professor Falcon that because of the Patriot Act Americans can get back to their normal lives. If Americans are worried about their civil liberties being taken away then they should read the Patriot Act and then go and goggle the 911 attacks and watch the videos again. Then after watching and reading the 911 attacks ask yourself is a longer line, needed more documentation, or maybe having the government flag a questionable transaction worth it? I am sorry I feel that we have nothing to worry about if you are following the law. I have done some things in my past the have lead me down the wrong path which I have had to paid that price, and I still feel that the government is using the Patriot Act in our interest. I would rather have the Government look at my internet searches than lose another life because the Government was unable to stop a criminal. Criminals in the world today are far more advance than the governments because the criminals do not follow the law and the government has to make the laws to catch the criminals. Again I would rather save one live by using the Patriot Act than to change it because a few people got their feelings hurt at the airport! Professor Falcon especially, since they know it's not affecting them. But people who maybe engaged in criminal illegal terrorist activities,
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to this country under false pretenses and who come to this country with agendas that are not in the interest of the I feel the need to comment on the part of your post "but to monitor everything Americans do is invading and takes away from the freedom that being a citizen of the United States of America is supposed to be." I think this part is a little funny. There is no way that the government can "monitor everything Americans do” Have you ever gone to the IRS or the Passport office? The technology that the Government uses and the process in which they have to follow would make it impossible for them to monitor everything American do. I believe that the media has planted the notion of “big brother” watching everything we do, but in reality it is be impossible. Even though the Patriot Act allows for tracking Americans
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Week one - CONCLUSION The Patriot Act has led to heated...

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