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Chapter 5: Plateau I. Environment and Location A. Small in size, located between and influenced by four other culture areas B. Key resources: salmon, roots, large mammals C. Defining characteristics 1. Broad kinship ties 2. Limited political complexity 3. Regional trading network 4. Settlements along rivers II. Paleoindians (c.14,000BP to 10,000BP): little evidence because of flooding and volcanism III. Late Archaic Period (c.10,000BP to contact) A. Cooler climate, seasonal differences B. Shift to semi-permanent villages C. Intensification of resource use IV. Impact of Western culture A. First documented by: Lewis and Clark, 1805 B. Diseases, especially smallpox C. Lost 90% of original land base V. Captain Jack (Kintpuash) and Modocs A. Modoc war, 1873, death of General Canby, execution of Modoc leaders B. Cost to U.S. for war vs. giving them land C. Raised national debate over treatment of Indians VI. Organization of Plateau Villages A. Was primary political unit B. Villages may relate to each other C. Headman sometimes elected, sometimes inherited, usually male D. Role of women: wives advisors and highly respected VII. Main social unit and division of labor A. Extended family B. Women: gatherers, domestic chores C. Men: primary political leaders, hunters, traders D. Menstruating women separated—had dangerous power E. Effect of village exogamy: multilingualism and good trade relations VIII. Villages, Housing, Food A. Winter: large, permanent semi-subterranean pit houses covered with soil B. Sweathouse C. Menstrual house D. Communal ceremonial structure E. By rivers in winter to fish F. Summer: Longhouses, matting over wooden frames up to 100’ long, G. After mid-1700s, used tipis as well H. Moved to take advantage of seasonal harvesting
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plateaunw - Chapter 5: Plateau I. Environment and Location...

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