Chapter 8 Outline

Chapter 8 Outline - Chapter 8: California A. Outline I....

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Chapter 8: California A. Outline I. Major Characteristics of Area A. Most populous region in North America B. Culturally complex and diverse C. Acorn is staple food D. Dense and sedentary populations E. Fine basketry F. Complex market/barter economics G. Shell money H. Mediterranean climate: mild, 15”-70” rainfall I. Four major geographic areas 1. N. Coast Range 2. Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains 3. Central Valley 4. Southern CA II. Paleo-Indian and Archaic Indians A. Paleo-Indian, c. 12,00 B P to 10,000 B P 1. Clovis 2. Wetter climate, lakes 3. Mega fauna B. Archaic, c. 10,000 B P to contact 1. Warmer and drier 2. Pleistocene extinction 3. Generalized hunting and gathering, fishing III. European Contact A. First contact: Cabrillo, 1542 B. Spanish: mission system, Jesuits, conversion and labor. S.D. 1769 to S.F. 1823 C. Russians: fur trade, Fort Ross, among Pomo, 1803-42 D. Americans: U.S. in 1848, Gold Rush, took land, massacred and enslaved Indians E. Impact: 1. Disease 2. Forced relocation 3. Loss of territory 4. 90+% decline in population IV. Tribal Organization and War A. Tribes with formal leader, a few bands, a few chiefdoms B. Large populations in permanent or semi-permanent villages C. Warfare common 1. Small scale 2. Motive was usually revenge V. Social Units A. Major social unit was lineage B. Villages had clans and reciprocal moieties
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Chapter 8 Outline - Chapter 8: California A. Outline I....

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