voice profiling under attack

voice profiling under attack - Voice profiling under attack...

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Unformatted text preview: Voice profiling under attack Phone conversation tips off landlords By Matt Whittaker SCRIPPS HOWARD news service August 18, 2002 What is the color of a voice? To build stronger cases in court, fair-housing advocates are teaming up with scientists to show how easily humans can distinguish attributes including race, gender and age using only verbal cues. John Baugh, an African-American professor of linguistics and education at Stanford University, began studying linguistic profiling in the late 1980s after he says he was discriminated against while looking for housing for his family in California. Because Baugh was raised in inner-city communities in Los Angeles and Philadelphia by two parents with doctorates, he speaks African-American vernacular English, Chicano English and standard American English. Using these three dialects in an experiment, he made hundreds of phone calls to landlords advertising apartments for rent in areas around San Francisco with varying concentrations of African-Americans, Hispanics and whites....
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