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PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY If undergoing psychological difficulties I would undertake Psychoanalytic Therapy. Freud’s idea that abnormal behavior is caused by conflicts and anxiety in the unconscious makes the most sense to me. Personally when I am upset or bothered and cannot figure out why the best therapy is for me to just unleash my feelings and emotions without holding anything back to a trusted friend. Daily we “candy coat” and screen our thoughts and feelings so not to be seen as different to others and free association will help us to just the opposite. Sometimes it is necessary to rattle the unconscious by just saying what comes to mind. With the free association technique the patient is relaxed usually on a coach with the therapist behind them, so that they
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Unformatted text preview: feel more comfortable in releasing their inner thoughts. The Behavior method would be the psychotherapy that I would be least comfortable with. I do believe that some people have acquired abnormal behavior by maladaptive or abnormal skill, however I do not agree with all of the techniques used to unlearn old and relearn new patterns. The classical conditioning and observational techniques are the two that I do no agree with. The token economic system and punishment (including adverse conditioning) only seem like they would work on young children. I believe people learn by doing something hands on thus the observational technique would not work or be comfortable for me....
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