Psy Mid-Term Study Guide

Psy Mid-Term Study Guide - The Army wants to see if going...

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The Army wants to see if going without food for 48 hours decreases physical performance. The DEPENDENT variable in this study is physical performance John is reading several articles on a particular topic that he found in the journal entitled Journal of Developmental Psychology . We could say that John is involved in _______ step in the scientific method process. First The biopsychosocial model takes into account which of the following perspectives? all of the above Which of the following research methods would allow you to make a statement about cause and effect? an experiment Alfredo is conducting an experiment on the effects of exercise on concentration. The independent variable is ________ and the dependent variable is ________. exercise; concentration A hypothesis: is a prediction about the characteristics of a behavior under investigation If researchers gave participants varying amounts of a new memory drug and then gave them a story to read and measured their scores on a quiz, the _____ would be the INDEPENDENT variable (IV), and the _____ would be the DEPENDENT variable (DV). exposure to the drug; quiz scores As you walk into your Introductory Psychology class, your teacher flips a coin to determine whether you should be in Group A or Group B for her in-class experiment. This procedure is called ____ random assignment. Which of the following are the goals of psychology? describe, explain, predict, and change behavior To study flirting patterns of young adults, researchers sat in clubs and bars and watched people interact. What research design did they use? naturalistic observation Informed consent involves: the participant's agreement to take part in a study after being told what to expect. In an experiment the researcher manipulates the: independent variable. In a drug-study to test the effectiveness of a new drug for treating the common cold, you are randomly assigned to a group that does NOT receive the drug. This means that you: are in the control group. Dee is a professor who will teach introductory psychology for the first time next semester. She has chosen some films to show her class of more than 200 students and is now preparing a questionnaire to give to her students after each film. Her purpose is to get her students' reactions to the films which she feels will be very helpful. This is an example of ______ research. Survey. While you are conducting research, you unintentionally provide subtle cues to the study's participants about the purpose of the research, which influences your results in the direction you expected. This is a demonstration of: experimenter bias. ____ is considered the founder of experimental psychology. Wundt. One disadvantage of survey research is that: the subjects may not always tell the truth. The explanation that a researcher provides to participants about the research process AFTER the study is finished is
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Psy Mid-Term Study Guide - The Army wants to see if going...

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