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1. One of the strengths of the experimental is that it determines the cause and effect. LIMITATIONS (any 1 will be considered correct) : 1.this is not appropriate for some topics of research interest as there are ethical and practical implications that would eliminate this method from use. There is the example from the web site which illustrates this as well as my Master’s thesis- I investigated aggressive responses to parental reprimand situation of maltreated children; if done as an experiment, I would have had to have non-abused children as subjects; randomly assign them to one of four conditions [physically abused, sexually abused, neglected, and a control group]; ‘do’ the abuse; then see how they reacted to reprimand situations. Would I have even thought of this or would an ethics committee have approved such an experiment? Of course not! 2. as this is conducted in a controlled lab situation, this environment might be considered artificial and not
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Unformatted text preview: indicative of real life 2. What was the independent variable in the Elizabeth Loftus car crash study? The different verbs used in the questions- smashed or hit……. . 3. What was the dependent variable in the videogame experiment? the number of times the children from each group acted in an aggressive manner (pushing other children, hitting or kicking toys), during a five minute play period. 4. Identify one strength and one limitation of the Naturalistic Method. STRENGTHS (any 1 will be considered correct) : 1. this allows researchers to observe behavior in its natural setting rather than the artificial and limited setting of the laboratory. 2. often the beginning basis of study for a research topic; when you know nothing, you start by observing the behavior in its natural setting which will give you some findings upon which you can then explore with other research methods...
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