Operant Conditioning

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Ashley Morosini Operant Conditioning 1. Behavior: cleaning room Consequence: $5 from parents 2. Behavior: taking Advil Consequence: eliminating headaches 3. Negative Punishment: the behavior is the cat digging up the plant and the consequence is spraying it with water. The cat’s digging in plants is being weakened. 4. Positive Reinforcement: the behavior is the dog heeling on command and the consequence is a treat. The dog’s obeying is being strengthened. 5. Positive Punishment: the behavior is using sunscreen and
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Unformatted text preview: the consequence is not getting painfully sunburned. Getting painfully sunburned is being weakened. 6. Negative Punishment: the behavior is coming in late and the consequence is getting the car keys taken away. Coming in late is becoming weakened. 7. Negative Reinforcement: the behavior is taking out the garbage and the consequence is avoiding the parents nagging. Taking out the garbage is being strengthened....
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