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Ashley Morosini 1. You have just touched a hot mug of coffee. Your hand immediately and reflexively pulls away. This action was controlled by your Reflex Action/Spinal Cord . 2. Juanita is relaxing on the beach in sunny Fiji. It is MOST likely that Juanita’s Parasympathetic nervous system is dominant. Be specific. 3. The two major division of the nervous system are the Central and Peripheral . 4. The Somatic nervous system carries sensory information to the CNS and then from the CNS onward to skeletal muscles. Be specific 5. John is startled by the sound of glass breaking in his bedroom window. He hears shuffling of feet and senses the presence of others. MOST likely his Sympathetic nervous system is dominant. Be specific.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. If you had the power to make a new human being, what should you use as the MOST BASIC unit of this person’s nervous system? Autonomic 7. An impulse travels through the structures of the neurons in what order? Dendrites Cell Body Axon Axon Terminals 8. The neuron has three basic parts which can be likened to your left arm. Your fingers represent the Dendrites ; the palm of your hand represents the Cell Body ; and your left forearm represents the Axon/Myelin Sheath . 9. What are neurotransmitters? They travel across synapse until they reach special receptor sites on the dendrite of another neuron, they are excitatory and inhibitory, an imbalance will cause a neuron to fire....
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