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Humanistic Theory - regard humanistic psychology believes...

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The theory of personality that I would support would be the humanistic personality. I believe that how one perceives and interprets the world results directly in our personality and behavior. According to Roger and his theory of the importance of the self, the “self” (for a person to identify as I or me) is the most important aspect of personality. The term self-concept has been used to define all the knowledge and assumptions one has connected with their nature, qualities and behaviors. Roger also believes that there is a correspondence between one’s self-concept and life experiences, which can be directly related to one’s mental health and adjustment. For example a child whose parents encourage and support them would have a higher self-esteem then the child whose parents did not. When parents create a state of unconditional positive
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Unformatted text preview: regard, humanistic psychology believes that children will develop to their fullest potential. I believe a child’s acceptance by their parents and other adults will result in their ability to truly express themselves. They should be in an atmosphere where they know they will be accepted no matter what they say or do. If a child believes their negative behaviors and feelings are completely unacceptable, thus making them unlovable, the self-esteem and self-concept of this child may becomes distorted. Humanists believe in guiding children to healthy relationships and a healthy self-concept by controlling behavior. By accepting one’s positive behavior while discouraging their negative and hostile behavior you are encouraging the humanistic theories of personality....
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