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Brain Exercise - morning to find much to his dismay that he...

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Ashley Morosini The Setting: You are a doctor who specializes in brain surgery but you often see many different types of patients. In each of the following cases, make a “diagnosis” concerning where you believe the problem occurs within the brain. Case 1: A 56-year-old female has suffered a recent stroke. She speaks in a curious manner resembling fluent English but the phrases make no sense and often contain made-up words. You find that she does not comprehend any of your verbal instructions. You quickly diagnose the problem as a lesion in the Left Cerebral hemisphere of the Temporal lobe in Wernicke’s Area . Case 2: A mother brings her 7-year-old son to you because he is having serious and devastating epileptic seizures which have been located in the left hemisphere previously but seem to be spreading over to the right hemisphere. The surgery which you recommend will involve cutting the Corpus Callosum . Case 3: A San Diego Padre comes to you and explains that he awakened yesterday
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Unformatted text preview: morning to find, much to his dismay, that he no longer can catch a baseball with his right arm. You are willing to bet that you will find brain damage in the Left Frontal lobe. Case 4: A 78 year old man has suffered a recent stroke and finds that although he understands what others say to him, his speech pattern is laborious and halting. You quickly diagnose the problem as a lesion in the Left Frontal lobe in Bracha’s Area . Case 5: John comes to you with complaints that he can not regulate his emotions. You feel you will find damage in either the Amygdala or the Hypothalamus . Case 6: A 5 year old little boy steps on a tack with his left foot and cries out in pain. The Right Parieta l lobe would receive this input. Case 7: Lilly has suffered a stroke and can not make any new memories. Her stroke might have damaged the Hippocampus or the Thalamus ....
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