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AIS 100 – Week 2, Lecture Outline 1 -- notes to accompany Sutton, Chapter 1; Estrada, Chapter 1, and the PowerPoint presentations included in this folder. I. Basic Concepts: Starting with Christopher Columbus in 1492, Europeans encountering the New World believed that they “discovered” an untouched land occupied by primitive savages who did not “properly” possess and use the land. These Europeans believed that it was their duty to bring progress and civilization to Native American people. Today’s diverse native cultures have survived under extraordinary outside pressures, demonstrating a history of environmental and cultural adaptability. II. Geography: New World/Western Hemisphere vs. Old World/Eastern Hemisphere A. Two continents in Western Hemisphere 1. North America 2. South America 3. Central or Mesoamerica plus Greenland are part of North America B. Six Natural Geographic Areas 1. Arctic—snow, ice, mostly treeless 2. Subarctic—cold, coniferous forests 3. Northeast and Southeast—temperate forests 4. Plains—grasslands west of Mississippi River 5. Southwest and Great Basin—desert 6. Northwest Coast, CA, Plateau—Pacific Coast III. Culture Areas—Anthropological Concept A. Smithsonian Handbook of North American Indians: 1. Arctic 2. Subarctic 3. Northeast 4. Southeast 5. Plains 6. Great Basin 7. Southwest 8. Northwest Coast 9. Plateau 10. California B. Compares cultures within similar environments 1. Sharing aspects of economy, politics, language 2. Useful to compare and reference 3. May ignore cultural/environmental diversity 4. Defining criteria may be arbitrary 5. Assumes static culture 6. May equate environment with cause
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IV. Definition of a Native American A. Indians/Aleuts/Eskimos or Inuit—various names applied
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Week2Lecture1outline - AIS 100 Week 2, Lecture Outline 1 -...

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