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1 PSC 1: Introductory Psychology Winter 2009 – Post Exam I study Questions These 20 questions will be on the exam, along with 4 answer choices for each question. The numberes on each question are not the numbers they will have on the exam. 1. You are looking for a psychologist to help you cope with your depression. Dr. Garcia explains that your depression is the result of norepinephrine imbalances in your brain. Dr. Lorca tells you that your depression is due to your thinking negative thoughts. Dr. Joyce explains that since you enjoy watching TV and spend more time watching TV when you are depressed, you will continue being depressed. Dr. Garcia is using the ______________ approach, Dr. Lorca is using the ______________ approach, and Dr. Joyce is using the ______________ approach. 2. Dr. Dhillon believes that in order to fully understand complex processes, such as taste, it is necessary to understand the purpose that taste plays in survival, not the elementary components that combine to produce taste sensations. Dr. Dhillon’s views are most consistent with the ____________ approach to psychology. 3. I could be described as being a key that matches a “lock” on a nerve cell; I am responsible for the change of a neurotransmission from an electrical signal to a chemical one; and I am often found in reduced or increased amounts in people with various psychological disorders. What am I? 4. Lavinia’s ears picked up waves of sound energy that were converted to neural impulses that her brain understood to be the voice of her mother calling him to stop playing and come in for dinner. The process by which the sound waves were converted into a message that her brain could perceive is called ______. 5. Max’s doctors believe he might have schizophrenia, but before they make their final
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psc1w09_exam_i_study_questions - PSC 1 Introductory...

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