ARE144 problem sets and midterms

ARE144 problem sets and midterms - ARE 144 Eric Johnson...

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ARE 144 Name:________________________ Eric Johnson Student ID:____________________ Spring 2008 Problem Set #1 Due Thursday April 24 th at 1:40pm Please show all work to receive full credit. We do not grade solely on correct answers but the processes involved in each problem. You may attach extra paper or complete the assignment on other paper if you wish. Amortization Analysis Daddy Cane just graduated from UC Davis with two degrees, Managerial Economics and Music. He decides that a regular nine to five job just won’t do so he chooses to become a rapper. But not just any rapper, his songs will teach finance, investing, real estate, and accounting. He figures with his musical talent and savvy business mind he will make millions. However, to get his successful rapper image off the ground he will need a few things first: Ice (jewelry)… and lots of it, a nice whip with some new shoes (a nice car with new rims), and a hot party pad (a house that is great for parties). Amazingly, he gathers enough financing from his friends and family to purchase the ice and whip with new shoes however he still needs that party pad. Fortunately he has enough money for an $80,000 down payment. The house he wants is a gorgeous 4000 square foot Frank Lloyd Wright design located in the hills of Truckee (come on, he only has $80K to put down). The house costs $400,000 and he qualified for a fully amortized loan (a 30 year loan that will be fully paid off) that has an interest rate of 6.78%. Please fill out the following table. Payment
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ARE144 problem sets and midterms - ARE 144 Eric Johnson...

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