HW _4 - Polymers and FRPs

HW _4 - Polymers and FRPs - (c Their degree of...

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CEE 3020 Civil Engineering Materials Question 1 Sketch the structure of a linear polyvinylchloride molecule with isotactic structure. Question 2 Calculate the degree of polymerization for polyvinylchloride which has the following weight fractions, f i , for the molecular weight ranges listed. Molecular Weight Range, g/mol f i 0-5,000 5,000-10,000 10,000-15,000 15,000-20,000 20,000-25,000 25,000-30,000 30,000-35,000 35,000-40,000 0.02 0.07 0.16 0.22 0.26 0.14 0.09 0.04 Question 3 How is the stress-strain behavior of polymers influenced by: (a) Temperature? (b) Their degree of crystallinity?
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Unformatted text preview: (c) Their degree of cross-linking? (d) Rate of loading? (e) Duration of loading? Question 4 A unidirectional hybrid composite contains 50% E glass fibers and 10% carbon fibers (v f =0.60) in an epoxy matrix. Assuming the strength of glass and elastic modulus of glass fibers are 500,000 psi and 10,000,000 psi (respectively), for carbon are 435,000 psi and 29,000,000 psi (respectively), and for epoxy are 9400 psi and 375,000 psi, calculate: (a) the strength and elastic modulus in the fiber direction. (b) the strength and elastic modulus in the transverse direction....
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